‘Van Gogh’ Chair

‘Van Gogh’ Chair. $ 3000


A complex array of color and pattern brings life and depth to this unique Maple burl chair. Originally one seven foot chunk, cut from the very edge of the tree, this piece was hidden in a corner, still completely swathed in bark. Hours and hours of chipping, carving and cleaning, finally uncovered grain like no other.


Shimmering with intensity, and bursting with natural character, every effort has been made to preserve the glory of the wood, while still providing a functional piece of artistic furniture.


There are five tapered legs, turned from similarly figured curly maple. The number is dictated by the shape of the chair, and by the sheer mass of the backrest, which is over four inches thick in places. Four of the legs have through-tenons visible on the seat, while the fifth is sunk into the backrest itself.


Every angle of the piece – even the underside – has spectacular variation, and would make a singular addition to any setting.


IMG_0500.JPGvan gogh.png

700 Delsea Dr, Pitman, NJ 08071