‘Monolith’ Bookshelf

‘Monolith’ Bookshelf. $ 3000

Resurrected from the remains of a roof beam from a burned-down church in Camden NJ, modern design and unique materials combine to create a truly unique display unit.


A substantial post of Long Leaf Pine, probably first felled some 150 years ago, forms the backbone. Cleared of all the loose charcoal left by the fire, and sealed with natural oils to prevent any further shedding, it could have stood alone as some kind of monument.


Grafted to the spine of the beam is a slender, minimal construction of burled Maple, speckled with bark inclusions that speak of a lifetimes injuries – and a lifetime of self healing. Undulating curls and filled open knots are allowed to shine through the use of oil infused with (appropriately) pine resin, while finger joints and dados perform the mechanics of structure.


Footbars balance the piece, fixed right through the beam, and visible from the back to complete the design.


Potentially suited to display anything at all, and standing at six feet tall, it just might outshine whatever you put on it.

700 Delsea Dr, Pitman, NJ 08071