Oak, in both its Red and White groups, is renowned for strength, durability and easy-on-the-eye, consistent grain patterns that are so recognizable. The die-straight uniformity of quarter-sawn or rift-sawn oak is sought after by cabinet makers and interior designers, the first valuing its stability and consistency, the second its adaptability to a wide range of aesthetic styles.

We have White and Red Oak in stock, and have added significant quantities of 8/4 stock, as well as 4/4 Quarter Sawn Red Oak to answer these demands.


Partly surfaced White Oak from our inventory. This includes a small amount of 4/4 White Oak (check back for updates), around 150ft of 4/4 Red Oak. These are dry and ready to use. The bulk of our Oak (12,000ft plus) is newly sourced and will be dried going forward.

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