Maple is a word not expansive enough to encompass such a variable family. And each member offers different characteristics.

We carry Maple in the following guises: Hard Maple (Sugar Maple); Curly Hard Maple (Tiger Maple); Soft Maple (Red or Silver Maple); Ambrosia Maple (‘Wormy’ Soft Maple); Curly Soft Maple.


The above are both ‘Soft Maple’; each displays a differing degree of ‘Worminess’: a fungus is transported to the parent tree by the Ambrosia Beetle, the larvae of which burrow into the live wood, carrying the fungus with it. The fungus imparts the various streaks of color along the paths taken by the grubs as they go. We have  more than 3100 ft in our warehouse.


Above is a piece of Hard Maple, displaying what are often called ‘bark inclusions’. They are natural fissures or scars that have healed and been included in the trunk as the tree grew in girth. Often accompanied by curly features as well as burls (which when dominant enough are called ‘birdseye’), this variant is characterful and uncommon. We have over 600ft in stock.


This board is a distinctive piece of curly hard maple, unusually colored and with some spalting. You’ll find ovet 1000ft to choose from in the warehouse.

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