Often known as White or Blonde Walnut, or sometimes as Oilnut, Butternut is a wood of highly varying grain patterns, similar in appearance to its darker counterpart, Black Walnut. However, Butternut is significantly lighter in weight, less dense and therefore softer than Walnut. It is relatively uncommon, and so quite exclusive, and works very easily.

Around half of our Butternut stock is bandsawn, the rest circular, and lends itself to the current fashion for the ‘re-sawn’ or reclaimed look in furniture.


Above is a 6/4 board showing subtle ‘re-saw’ marks and the paler bands of sapwood.

We currently have almost 700ft of FAS 4/4, over 1000ft of #1 Common 4/4, as well as around 600ft of 12/4 reclaimed beams, and some 250ft of 6/4 #1 Common.

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